Sunday, August 24, 2008


It's finally done, and I truly hope you folks enjoy it... :):)

Episode 1 Playlist:

Yael Naim - New Soul
(Anyone recognize this song..? It's from a MacBook commercial! ;D)
Podsafe Music Network

Omnia - Alive!
(I have NEVER heard anything quite as unique, powerful and intense as the music this band produces. I wanna sing stuff much like this, and if they ever need a backup singer, I can pack in two tics. ;D They'll be at FaerieCon in October of 2008. Will you?)
Courtesy of Omnia

Panic! at the Disco - I Write Sins, Not Tragedies
(Don't you just love the lead singer's voice?? He could sing to me allll day long. ;))
Podsafe Music Network

The Gypsy Nomads - Oh Gypsy
(I saw them at the MD Faerie Festival, and was just stunned by how fun AND how artistically skilled these two are! The lead singer sings in French a lot, too. Very unique!)
Courtesy of Gypsy Samantha, of the Gypsy Nomads

The Cliks - Oh Yeah (Clean Radio Edit)
(They have a cool video for "Oh Yeah," too. These guys rock.)
Courtesy of The Cliks

Lacuna Coil - Our Truth
Surprise!! The Podsafe Music Network

Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game
And again.. The Podsafe Music Network

Makrolon - Apologize (Timbaland & One Republic Mix) AcidPlanet Makrolon Page
Surprise!! The Podsafe Music Network

Deirdre Flint - Boob Fairy
(This woman is hilarious. Go to her site, or her myspace, and check her out!!)
That Awesome Podsafe Music Network

Great Big Sea - Something Beautiful
(I have another BIG favorite of theirs, but I'm not gonna tell you which- 'cause it'll likely appear on another episode. >;))
Guess Where?? ;D (The Podsafe Music Network.)

Background tracks supplied by:
The Crime Syndicate - Middle Eastern (Used in opening & intermittently.)
Courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network.
The MIDIval Punditz -Piya (Used intermittently & closing.)
Midival TimesFrom "Midival Times"),
Courtesy of Ioda
You can buy their tunes @: the iTunes Music Store

And that's all, folks!
Until next time, that is. ;)

Thanks for visiting, and for looking up these great artists! ^_^

All the Best,
Nae/DJ Selchie

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