Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eclectica's Hiatus

Due to lack of active listenership (aside from my dearest friends  family, who've supported me all the way; and to whom I'm tremendously grateful), Eclectica has been put on the proverbial back-burner. The time & involvement each episode requires in direct comparison to the receipt & exposure the show seems to be getting is grossly disproportionate, so the Selchie is gonna take a little break for a while. (In part, to gather better resources for a potential re-release of the show; but also to focus on other things; re-prioritize, pursue other avenues of creativity, and recoop from a variety of situations.)

However, if you do listen and would still like the show to continue, please let me hear from you. :) Folks can still reach me via, & I will still be looking for music off and on, with the hope of getting Eclectica back into production at some point.
But for now (and perhaps indefinitely), this little waterling needs to delve into her wee bag of tricks, and see if she can't come out with something even better for a potential next time.

Thanks to those of you who showed me-and the podcast-your limitless devotion, boundless enthusiasm and unending support. Mehopes that if the show is to reincarnate, that it returns bigger, better, brighter, (more regularly), and is even more meaningful than its previous incarnations. ;)

Yours Forever in Song,
DJ Selchie