Saturday, September 20, 2008

So What's This Name Change Stuff???

The above image copyright by me- DJ Selchie. (-Yes, that's right- I actually drew this. ;D:D)

I don't know if anyone's noticed (or frankly if anyone truly cares..) but if you have or if you do, some might be asking "so, what the *bleep!*'s up w/this whole 'DJ Selchie' thing??" Well, I've always wanted to spin music, have a DJ name n' be all "professional," and as I've always hated my first name, and am in the process of changing it, I thought it'd be better to publish my podcast (as well as do anything professionally musical unless it's singing my own original songs) under a destinctive, very special and uniquely illustrative pseudonym. (..A pen name, a nome de plume, a "professional name," etc.)

As I'm a HUGE water-baby,as well as a total mermaid & selchie fan, I thought I'd name myself after one of these... Since I've got Scottish and Irish blood, as well as features many have noted as being seal or selchie-like (such as big, dark eyes, long, dark hair, being more awkward on land than I am in the water, etc.), because I love faerie folklore and am a dweller of both land and a lover of the sea, I thought the selchie would be most appropriate. :)

Now, I know most folks will look at my DJ moniker and erroneously pronounce it "sel'-chee," but dernit, slapping a "k" in there where I was tuaght (through admittedly what little Gaelic training I have) a "ch" should be just doesn't look (or feel) right to me. So I stayed in keeping w/one of the older (and one of the many variations of) the original, Gaelic spellings. :) So just turn that "ch" sound into that of a "k," and you've got it right down pat. ^_^

I hope it doesn't throw too many people for a loop, and that you all dig the new name. As I'm a huge fan of the mythic, ethereal & mystical, as well as fantasy & the generally fantabulous, I hope this name will suit me well, as well as the wonderful tunes I hope to spin- and do credit to the beautifyl fae-seal maidens from whom I have gotten this moniker. :)

Many, many thanks to y'all for your help & support, & I hope you like what you hear!!

With Love,
DJ Selchie

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm so Sorry

An old friend of mine has passed away suddenly, and I just wanted to say "goodbye, I wish I'd known you better, and that I wish so much that I'd kept closer with you over the years. You are a remarkable person, and I'm sorry for not talking to you more. Thank you for your many gifts- most of all being just your friendship."

I've known Jeff since I was about five, and my mom loves telling people how I always used to call him "my first boyfriend" when I was little. I went to school w/him as a little kid, played "Beep Ball" w/him as I was growing up; and was always amazed at fucking funny he could be, and how truly frigging SMART the man was. As the years went by (and I tried harder and harder to be "cool") though, I didn't keep in very good contact with him. And I should have. He came to a few of my birthday parties over the years, but I never really talked to him beyond those events we were together much, & my mom kept in touch w/him every six months or so-. which si more than I ever did. Well this morning I got the word that Jeff had suddenly passed away, and after a time of total shock, it's been like a bomb hit me. Fortunately my mom & I were able to go to his funeral. & that funeral home was PACKED with about three to four hundred people. Apparently Jeff was extremely spiritual, sang for his friends to make them happy, & served as a chairman on committees for disabled rights and advocacy. And all of this was news to me. I found out about many parts of his life I didn't know before, and I saw what an impact he made on others' lives, and just wanted to leet him know, here, in some way- if he can see this now- how much he touched mine. Jeff Watkins had a lot of physical problems, but he was one of the smartest people I'll ever know, and one of the bravest and strongest as well. He did a lot of amazing things, and I'm sorry I didn't know him better. I'm so grateful to have known him in the ways I did. He's blessed my life in more ways than I could possibly express.

Jeff, I'll miss you, and hope that wherever you are, you're happy, whole, and free.

Love Always.