Friday, June 7, 2013

Eclectica v2, Ep.2! It Liiiiives!!! XD

This episode is dedicated to the great Mr. Owain Phyfe, who has inspired me in so many ways since discovering his work now many, many moons ago.  The picture below is exactly how I remember him; the day I first plowed dreamy-eyed but determinedly through the VA Renaissance fair, to find out where that -enchanting- music was coming from.  And ever since, I have been positively captivated by his incredible voice, his passionate, unique creations, and his lyrical style.  To my knowledge, Mr. Phyfe was a self-taught musician, ancient & medieval linguist and surely, a scholar, and for that, he blows me away even more.

Sadly, he passed this year due to pancreatic cancer, but his memory, through his artistry and pure, captivating music, will live on.  Thank you for your song, Mr. Phyfe.  You were the first and only real bard I think I've ever met, and you inspire me to this day.  ♥♥♥

On a brighter note, I'd also like to give a shout-out to Madlenka, Bagoas, Mavi, Nina Amaya, and my other friends who're currently attending the Darbukastani Independence Days celebration this weekend. :D  I wish I could be with you all, but my hips are shimmying in time with your music and my spirit is with y'all, wherever we each may be. :) ♥♥♥
..Now, on to the music!

Click here to play in a new tab, or right click "Save As" to download the full show- for free!

Band Names = Links to each band's official web site, where available).
Song Names = Links to where you can BUY each musician's work- LEGALLY.  :D

1. The New World Renaissance Band - A La Una (Yo Naci)
2. E Muzeki - Jeru
3. Corvus Corax - Filii Neidhardi
4. Shira Kammen- Son Ar Sistr
5. Oum Kalthoum - Ya Bahjat El Eid
6. Maya Naim - Laylat Hob
7. Googoosh - Pishkesh
8. Setrak - Habbeyna Habbeyna
9. Haifa Wehbe - Sanara
10. Moshav - Abba Shimon
11. Rasheem - Agmal Ma Shafet Aien
12. Hengameh - Doaa


This episode baaaarely happened, so I'm SUPER stoked that it's finally HERE! XD  (First I was having one HECK of a time w/choosing what songs should be played and where, and then we had three, count 'em, THREE power outages on the day the show was supposed to be done, so I was goin' NUTS!  *lol*)  But it's alll good now, and I hope you like the results. :)  (Which are alll work and kid safe, btw. ^_^)

For those of you who like the more traditional style of bellydance music, this show is for YOU.  (Though there should be something for everyone here, thanks to the styles and artists featured. :D  So even if you're a Tribal goddess or Fusion fanatic, or if ya just prefer your music to have a more modern twist, there's something in here for you, too. :))

This episode has something of a time-traveling theme, as it takes you from medieval and renaissance-inspired music from around the world, to "classical" Middle Eastern music (created in the mid-to-late 20th century), all the way up to discoteque tunes you might hear in the Middle East today. :)  We've got a little Corvus Corax, some of the great Oum Kalthoum, as well as a touch of the stars, courtesy of  Googoosh, Hengameh & Haifa Wehbe. :)  But no matter WHAT era the music is from, I hope it -all- inspires you, uplifts you, and makes you wanna dance (even if it's just in your mind, in your car, in your office, or in front of the stove while cookin' dinner ;)). ♥

Yours Forever In Song,
--DJ Selchie

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hi guys!  To all of my beautiful, wonderful, kind and truly awesome followers and listeners out there, who once subscribed to Eclectica's former incarnation, I wanted to give you guys a heads-up, as well as some good news!  Guess what?  ECLECTICA'S BACK, AND BETTER THAN EVER! ^_^

While this blog will no longer be used, Eclectica has a NEW page, at, and will also soon (hopefully, if the iTunes gods are kind), have a renewed listing on iTunes as well. :D  There's also a Facebook page, to go with the new times, and the show's first brand new episode is already out, waiting for your ears to explore! :D  So if you miss the old Eclectica, or wish that the show would come back 'round again, I warmly and humbly invite you to come join me at the show's new domains, and to check out its new incarnation. ^_^

I truly hope you like the show's new look and feel, and that I'll see your smiling faces soon in our new Subscribers queue & comments sections over on the new page, as well as over on our Facebook page. ^_^

Love, Light and Many Grateful Hugs,
DJ Selchie

Friday, June 17, 2011

Testes, testes.. one.. two..  ..threeee..??

Boingy boingly boingly?

Dang dang wooty woo!